Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston dressed as each other’s characters at a Breaking Bad cast party.

This is probably the best gif ever

oh my god

I fucking can’t



Animated art gif

squint at it when you look at it

this is incredible

The Next Silent Hill Already Has Bonkers Fan Theories
I’ve been taking photos since I was a youngster, and became much more involved in the last 4 years with the advent of useful cameras in phones. I use a Nikon D90, iPhone 4S, and rarely a Canon compact camera and Pentax film SLR. My subject matter is quite diverse. I like landscapes for the most part, but try out different styles and different edits to learn more about the whole process. My inspiration comes from any art and design I see, especially the people I follow on Tumblr and Instagram. I’d like to photograph more people, and have a bunch of ideas for people in landscapes - just need a willing person to stand there in a bunch of different places!

Michael Jackson tells Bubbles the chimp in sign language to sit the fuck down and stop stealing sips of his tea. 

That’s the most gangsta thing I’ve ever seen.
"Hicimos el amor en medio de la tristeza y nuestra historia terminó."
El plazo, Ave Literaria. (via aveliteraria)

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